Saturday, May 18, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! 
Yesterday I was busy with work for almost the entire day so that was nice. After work I made dinner and washed some dishes and then went for a walk.

Turkey Taco Soup for dinner. Love this stuff.

Just walked the big lake last night. I was thinking maybe I'd do the big lake and the far lake but my lower back was hurting a bit so I whimped out. 

This neighbor's holly hocks are so pretty! I need to plant some of these next year. I just love them. 

The birds were SO LOUD they were having a great time

And then I saw a beaver swimming and then another! If you listen you can hear it give us a warning noise. Time to go lol. I saw at least 4 of them in the lake, one was really small so probably a baby. Today they are having RC car racing in the lake so they aren't going to like that..

Came home and laid in bed and looked at stuff on my phone. I should just start reading again that will give me a reason to lay there lol.

Today is my niece's gotcha party! Scott went to work so might just be taking myself. Jess is going too (so far) so the kids will be there but I don't have to be in charge of them haha. Somehow I'm brining cupcakes so I need to hurry up and decide if I'm making those or buying them on the way. 

Sadly Aunt Flo showed up today. I keep hoping she'll get lost but no luck. Just a little late but just in time for the party ;)

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