Sunday, May 19, 2024


Hello happy Sunday! The kids are on their way over for me to watch them today so lets see if I can type this out real quick. 

Yesterday was my niece Brooklyn's Gotcha Party.
She's all official now! 

They got a "taco truck" set up in the back yard and the people cooked. It was great. I had a quesadilla.
Jess & Daniel brought the kids. Everyone else was working and Scott went to work to make up for missing 2 days last week.

Rosie loves the little kitchen

Grandma makes a great soother lol. He actually fell asleep sucking on my finger.

My mom lol

The kids had fun swimming. Rosie is not as big of a fan as Daniel though.

Dad & brother Louie. Someone how I didn't get any of Joe and it was at his house.

I may have broke Scott's chair last night. Whoops. Put the foot thing up and it flew off haha. Simon is unbothered.

These two sitting on the couch together. I kept waiting for them to fight but they didn't. Amazing!


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