Friday, May 10, 2024


Hello happy FriYEAH!! Let's hope this weekend is better than the last one.

I was starving yesterday morning so made a scramble. This was like 2 meals and I ate it over a few hours lol. It was mostly just vegetables, a little ham, eggs and a little cheese. Leftover guacamole from Jessica's party we forgot to put out. 

For dinner I cooked it in the crock pot. Crock pot ranch pork chops and potatoes. Mine looks nothing like theirs mostly because I didn't sear the pork chops first. Mine were still frozen when I put them in. Must not have been too bad because Trevor ate all the leftovers of the pork this morning already. 

Scott with his phone in the bathroom. HOURS. 

Reminds me of when Jessica threw the board of Jr Monopoly over at the neighbor's house. She didn't get to visit as much after that lol.

Walking with Simon! 
Trying to get her to sit pretty but she's like wha? 

It was kind of hot

Walked along Stump Lake a bit. The big goose had the babies with it, must have been the nanny goose!

Finished some more "white thread" bags. Using the new machine for the zippers is a learning curve. I might use the other one for that part. Since it's a computerized machine I can't just move the needle over a little bit. It's either here or here. I had to unpick several and redo them.

Don't say "ew" on a comment on Tik Tok, apparently that's against the rules. Sheesh. So stupid. 

I started my morning today by raking the whole side field where Simon plays. Trevor mowed it and left huge clumps of grass and cut fox tails all over the yard. That was a work out for sure. Just raked it to the front of the yard where she can't reach. I'll have to finish dealing with that later.

Trevor's a bit agitated this morning yelling at everything (scam calls, his toe, his computer, whatever). So annoying. 

Ok back to work! Break time is over. Oh they gave us 4 free hours to take off today for some kind of worker appreciation thing or something. Just going to save those to use a bit later. Like an office day ;)

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