Thursday, May 9, 2024


Hello happy Thursday!

I went to the dermatologist yesterday. This new gal is rather aggressive the way she talks and mannerisms. I don't really care for her. Oh well it's only once a year to go in and get my white girl spotty skin checked. 

The big ugly mole under my bra line on my back is fine so it gets to live there longer. She froze off the one right smack in the middle of my back, a spot in my hairline and a precancerous spot on my cheek. Sheesh. Good thing I went in, I didn't even know I had anything on my cheek. I made an appointment for next year so I won't forget to make one. 

I got Trevor and I a Jamba Juice and then came home. My stomach bothered me all day (even before the drink) being gassy and still isn't quite right today. I think I might have to go get some better antacids. Drinking a ton of water doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Pepto helps a bit. 

I actually cooked dinner last night. Sadly my asparagus died in the fridge so I made it with zucchini. I ended up having another plates worth. It was pretty good. I should have put it on a larger cookie sheet so that more zucchini would have fit.

Simon and I went for a two mile walk while that was cooking. I figured out an almost exact 2 mile route. Trevor found the harness we had for Rusty for me and put it on Simon. OMG game changer so much better. She did not pull me at all. 

Again it was the 52nd fastest lol. Walking takes forever compared to running. Remember when I was doing sub 9 minute miles every day? 45 minutes to walk. Nuts. 

I didn't end up doing any sewing yesterday. I want to get one more color set done today to keep this project moving!


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