Friday, May 17, 2024


Hello happy FriYEAH!!
Finally got caught up with the work I missed yesterday. Of course they made a bunch yesterday while I was off catching up on my sleep.

We have like no food in the house so I got creative and made this pasta dish with a bit of this and that I found. It turned out really good.

Simon and I went on our walk again last night.  Didn't go along the long back roads but still managed 3 miles. It's nice walking along the lakes but there are more cars and people out. 

cracking up at this flag. We have a lot of Trumpers here. My next door neighbors fly a Trump flag yuck. So it's nice to see some people aren't drinking the Kool-aide. 

Simon LOVES walkies. Her tail looked extra floofy last night.

little ripples on the lake last night from the breeze

I walked on the levee for part and that's the river on the other side. I'm glad it's not up high now. That's too stressful lol

Rainbow lake. People have been raising ducks for the lake and we finally have a bunch of mallards again. Simon said she'd like to taste them.

It was pretty dark when I got home. 

Maybe I'll actually do some sewing today. I need to either finish these bags or pack them away and do something else lol.

Today my brother's baby girl's adoption went through so I officially have a new niece. I know he's happy to not have to deal with the foster care system anymore. Tomorrow is the party!

Scott called and made himself a Dr appointment with the regular doctor after I was telling him how he could die from the aneurysm thing. Don't mind me freaking out.. it will all be fine right!?! His appointment is Tuesday. He stayed home today since he still didn't feel that great. 

Trevor went to the grocery store for us. I'm ready for some food lol.

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