Thursday, May 30, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday!

I had a visitor last night, mommy needed a little break! I just got the tiny one ;)

I got one tiny out loud giggle while he was here, so cute!

He had a little Grandma nap :)

After Scott got home he gave him a bottle and I took Simon for a little walk so she'd stop standing on me. She's like IT'S WALK TIME! Sheesh. 

 I made some chicken for dinner last night but didn't eat any since I was still full from my 3ish lunch snacks lol. I had a salad for breakfast/lunch (out of eggs) and then Trevor made us some spam/rice things. Later I had a smoothy/protein shake for some thing a little sweet. Then my stomach was all bloated and called me names. Seems to be back to normal this morning. 

I started cutting out the squares for the new quilt yesterday but then the baby came over. After he left it was about 9 so I just went to bed because that's too late to restart a project now. 

Work was busy all day yesterday, we'll see what today brings. So far I just got an email for the girl I'm covering for that requires a bit more coffee to figure out what I'm doing with it ;)

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