Saturday, May 25, 2024


Hello happy coffee-less Saturday. 
We are out of water so no coffee since no one wants to go get water. I might have to cave soon.

I got the Blue Rose Rag Quilt done yesterday. It's so pretty. It came out to be 60x60 so just a little bigger than the other way I was making them. 

The gal I made it for said it's good so that's good lol. I hate making things for people with no guidance other than no cartoon things and not a lot of red. 

I'm working on a purple one now.

Last night's dinner, Chicken Salsa Bake
I put mine on a tortilla. It was so filling! Super easy to make too. 

Went to my darts awards ceremony and got $49 for my wins/low tons/high ton and $59 for my portion of our team wins. We came in 8th place out of 15 teams so not too bad!

They finally have a schedule for the summer league and of course our first game is on our anniversary. Since it's a Thursday we said we can just do dinner after or the next day. We are doing a little trip but that's not until the end of July so we don't have to worry about being back/gone for Rosie's birthday.

After darts I just laid on my bed and got up 12 hours later lol. Here's to lazy days ;)


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