Monday, May 13, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a good mother's day. Mine was pretty lax until it was time to watch the kids :) They were good and fun though.

Scott made me pancakes for breakfast

Then I went to the store to get snacks for the kids and stuff for dinner for them. Cleaned up and still had an hour to spare before they got here.

No dinner for this buy but he ate about a box of Cheeze It Snack Mix. He loves that stuff. He picks out certain things and leaves behind most of the cheeze its which is just fine with Simon lol.

Trevor made up the hot dogs I got us for dinner. I was like how did we eat 16 hot dogs?? Then I found out he had only made the one pack lol. I bought 2 since sometimes the guys eat a lot. I should have put a 2nd in the bun, it was giant compared to the hot dog.

We sat like this for awhile lol. The baby had been sleeping and then Rosie wanted to sit with me too.

She was singing all day. I finally figured out she was singing a Wiggles song. It mostly just sounds like she's yelling lol.

I saw this on Instagram and it totally cracked me up. I don't expect or really want gifts but it is nice for the kids to just say Happy Mother's Day. 

This boy was so cute! He's starting to try and talk back a bit when you're talking to him. Such a little flirt!

holding his hands while he was sleeping, so cute!

Took over Tubz bouncer so he could sit somewhere. He's just a little too small for the jumper still. He took a little nap in there.


Watching TV with Papa

She put herself down for a nap on the couch lol

No where for me to sit in the living room. 

They went home around 9 and I cleaned up the toys and went to bed! Not a bad way to spend a Mother's Day ;)

Today I'm getting off work early and going to lunch with Melissa. They gave us a 4 hour early release on Friday and I figured that would work perfect for today.


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