Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brighter Christmas 5K

This morning I ran the Brighter Christmas 5k

I had hemmed and hawed over signing up for it because at one point there was rain on the forecast. Thursday I checked and it was clear for no rain so i went ahead and signed up. This was REALLY close to where I live and a friend of mine had told me about this area so I wanted to go check it out. Nothing like a 10 minute ride to a 5k! We live out in the sticks so NOTHING is a 10 minute ride usually!

Last night I made a poofy red tutu and then deemed it too ridiculous to wear and gave it to Melissa to play with. She was happy about that.

I did dress up a little bit though. Picked up these socks and t shirt from Target and the little headband from JoAnn's (they have Christmas stuff 60% off!).

It was really cold this morning. I debated my sweat shirt until the last minute and then gave it to Scott to hold.

Runkeeper SET!

The course was really hilly. I'm glad I took my trainer's advice and wore my old shoes. This was my first "trail" run and it was definitely more challenging. I kept thinking if I slip and fall I could really hurt myself. Not to self :MUST TOUGHEN UP:

I did walk a little bit up a couple big hills and through some really muddy parts. I was trying to keep close to a 10 minute mile since I'm still chasing that 30 minute 5k time. I think if I was on flat land I could do it. Or REALLY CLOSE. Soon soon.

Scott was at the spot where we came out of the trail and onto the last little section and got some pictures of me.

My time on my runkeeper was 32:19. Almost the same as my last 5K race.. Check out the route.

and the elevation & pace

After the race 

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FinnyKnits said...

Awesome AWESOME job, girlfriend! I love your outfit - the socks are perfect.

Great work on your first trail race - they're so fun. Watch out - addictive :)

Unknown said...

Awesome run Juile! I love that Scott followed you along taking pictures! And you were sooooo freakin' cute!

Sarah said...

CUTE CUTE!! Awesome it was so close to home. Nothing is ever close to home. How cold was your cold?? I do have to say you guys do have that damp cold. You rocked it!!!

Alisha Bowling said...

Great job!!! Darling running outfit! :)

Andrea said...

Awesome job! That looks like fun!

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