Monday, December 31, 2012

December Progress Pictures, January Goals

It's December 31st! That means more progress pictures.

It's kind of fun putting them together like this but I'll have to do it a bit different next month because they are getting too squishy.

October 1st, October 31st, November 31st, December 31st

This months measurements
Neck 13
Arm 11
Chest 35
Back 32 1/2
Waist above the button 31 (down an inch)
Waist 31 (down an inch)
Waist below the button 32 (down an inch)
Hips 34.5
Thigh 19.5

Weight this morning was 151.4 (down 1 pound)

So in December I lost 3 inches and lost one pound. Not too much but hey I'll take it!

I feel like I really slacked off on the exercise this month, but when I look back, it's way more than I was doing LAST YEAR. Like 100% more!

I didn't do stickers this month. I think I'm going to go back to the stickers and hanging the calendar on the fridge. I like the "sticker for everyday" challenge.

I only rode my bike 2 times in the whole month. Hard to believe that used to be my main exercise.

I had challenged myself to run 70 miles in the month but I only made it to 49.16.

I was thinking about trying to run today but I think it might be better to give my knee some more time off. Yesterday we went and rode bikes and my knees were popping like crazy but they actually felt better when we were done, go figure!

So for January I am going to make my running goal 70 miles again. It's a stretch but just as long as my old lady legs don't fail me I think I can do it. I will start my half marathon training on the 14th but want to of course keep running before that.

I only have about 2 weeks left with my trainer and then she is quitting the gym and training. I may switch gyms so I can work out with her at the new gym she is going to join where "no one knows she is a trainer". We are talking about doing a triathlon together in the fall and the half marathon in April still.

BUT that means I need to come up with my own routines at the gym. I'm looking for some weight lifting "routines" I'm sure that's the wrong word but not sure what else to call it, that I can do on my own working the different areas. I REALLY like lifting the free weights. That's my favorite at the gym. Who would have though?

If you have links to some good free weight work outs please share!

Here is my calendar, I've take to writing in pencil so I can move things around. Sorry it's blue, I keep forgetting to buy printer paper (and ink!)

I think I may do the 30 day shred or the Killer Abs videos every day of January (I guess I should pick one quick!). I kind of like having something to do every day even if it's hard. So what. Life is hard. We'll just all look hotter for being so hard on ourselves :wink:

Here's to an awesome January!!

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Kim said...

You are looking awesome! Look at the leg definition in that last picture! Keepit up!

Sarah said...

Totally a change!! Looking awesome! Keep up the awesomeness! Jan is def going to rock!!!

Chris H said...

You look fantastic Chick! HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope you have a wonderful 2013.

Anonymous said...

You look great!!!!

Amy said...

I have been thinking of taking before and after pictures too and it scares me to death! But if mine can look like yours I might just do it!

Thanks for the motivation! Your goals are awesome!

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