Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gene's 84th Birthday

Saturday was my Father In Law's 84th Birthday! My Sister In Law was there (she comes almost every weekend to take them grocery shopping and help out) so she made us dinner and we brought the cake and ice cream. 

My sister in law's middle son Mike came with his fiance Olga. Mike is very fitness oriented. I had a great time talking to him about all kinds of things. Paleo, Biking, Running, Body Fat etc. 

He was telling me how they go to this area and hike/run. Looks like a nice day trip to me! We have so much stuff around us to explore and yet we never do. 

Miss Melissa

Looked over and noticed they were all playing on phones. 

My kids with their Grandpa (Trevor started off clean I swear!)

 Scott and his Dad. He looks like a giant next to him. His Dad has shrunk quite a bit the last few years but obviously the height skipped a generation.

We had a nice time visiting with everyone.


Last year

 Looks like I was sick for his 82nd!



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Annsterw said...

What a great family!! Awesome!

Sarah said...

LOVE the bah humbug hat!! I need one for John. LOL!!

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