Friday, December 28, 2012




Can you believe this is the last Friday of 2012? Crazy! This year has just flown by.

 I'm off work until Wednesday. YEAH for 4 day weekends!!

This weekends plans consist of 


In that order. Well I will be doing some house cleaning and laundry. That stupid laundry! Takes over everything. 

Maybe I should put the Christmas stuff away too.

Hopefully Scott will be able to fix Jessica's (NEW/USED) car that we just bought in August. She went to her friends house and went to leave but the car is stuck in park. Can't get the stupid thing to move out of park. F*k me! Pisses me off so much. I called the dealership and it may or may not be covered under warranty and I'd have to cover the tow. I looked online and it's a common problem so they should already know what it is and if it should be covered and I think if you just bought a car from there within a couple months the least hey can do is send someone across town to check it out. 

I know, keep dreaming.

Scott's smart though so I'm sure he can figure it out. I'm just glad that it happened here and not somewhere else, like while she was out away at school or something. She is going with a friend to the coast up north for the weekend so doesn't need her car either so that's a plus.

Tonight I went out to go for a run and my knee started hurting again. Not quite as bad as last time I tried to run but enough so that I had to alternate walking off and on. I'm currently sitting here with ice on it and the heater on.  I hope I didn't hurt myself. That would really suck. Guess I'll not try to run any longer distances for awhile until it starts to feel better. (double sucks)

That being what it is, I did run/walk 5 miles tonight.  That's my new running shirt I have on there, thanks to the hubby for Christmas!! Sweet! It was cold out but not cold enough for sweat pants. Some day I'll learn that one. I need to get myself some more of the cheap pants I bought at Target that work good for me. $10 leggings!

I took the kids to Target today to spend some of their Christmas money. Trevor bought a 3DS XL. He's in heaven. Shouldn't have to entertain him for a day or two :wink: The screen on it is really big. I told Melissa they went from making things smaller to bigger again. 

 I think I MAY have escaped the flu that the rest of the family got. I am the only one in the house that hasn't puked in the last 48 hours. I have been sucking down the Emergen-C and spraying Lysol like there is no tomorrow. I probably just jinxed that and will be praying to the porcelain God later but let's hope not!

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Sarah said...

Hey, that new running shirt looks like mine. We match!! I hope the knee gets well QUICK. :O)

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