Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Walk

This morning my left leg was a bit sore from my run yesterday. Mostly just tight but in a different spot than were I am normally sore. I kept thinking about all the food later and really wanted to go for a run so I went out and attempted to do so. 

BUT my knee was hurting and kind of doing a shooting pain down to my toe when I tried to run. So I just decided to walk.  It was so nice outside, that I was kind of glad that I wasn't running so I could stop and take some pictures.

Starting out, when it's a clear day you can see the mountain range really well. 
Sometimes you can't see it at all. 

The Canadian Geese mostly hang out around the first lake. 
(we have 3 small man made lakes that are all connected) 
We have A LOT of geese here. I don't think they ever migrate. 

This is on the 2nd lake, the edge of my friends dock on the left. 
So nice to sit out and have a drink and watch sunsets on! 

Same lake, that bridge divides the 2nd lake from the 3rd lake. 
Can you see the mountains peeking through?

3rd lake, those white spots in the trees are cranes (maybe Egrets?). When I got to the other side where the tree is they were flying all over the water and  and dipping down into it. So pretty!

 And then almost home. 
You can see the entrance gate on the left with the mountains in the background. 
So pretty! The air was so crisp out and hardly anyone out and about. 
Such a beautiful morning walk. 

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1 comment: said...

Merry Christmas! You live in such a beautiful area. I hope your knee is feeling better today.

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