Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Day Another Party!

Saturday was my nephew Tony's 10th Birthday Party!! I can't believe the boys are turning double digits already. He chose to bring one friend and family to go bowling. I forgot my real camera so all the pictures are from my phone. 

He's in this weird stage now where I can tell he feels uncomfortable getting his picture taken. 

Ava helping her daddy get the score board set up.

Oh my gosh was Adrian so cute bowling! She got a lot of help from Melissa.

Lots of cheers and clapping!

I love that my Dad comes too.

Little stinker playing with Uncle Scott. 

We kind of forgot to eat lunch before we went so we were STARVING. Who does that? Bad mom moment. We went to Target after bowling and before going to the house to get his present (ran out of time before) and I was so hungry I forgot to buy a bag to put the present in. Auntie FAIL.
We attempted to go through the drive thru real quick to get something to hold us over and it was a LONG WAIT. So we got some food and then went over to the house and dinner was done. Kind of silly we could have just went straight over and ate. My sister in law made amazing enchiladas.

I didn't get any pictures of the cake since I took them for my sister in law with her camera.


 Another year older! I swear these kids get big so fast! 
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