Monday, December 3, 2012

Gingerbread House Party!!

Sunday was the third annual 
Gingerbread House Party 
at my sister in law's house. 

She is getting good at the prep!  

This year she had the houses assembled and glued down really well so we just had to sit down and decorate. 

Gotta say, I love that my kids can do things on their own and I can create my own little masterpiece while everyone else has to take care of their littles. 

Perks of having older kids!!

Funny story. I was sitting across from my sister in law and niece here.

My sister in law would put something on the house, and the baby would snatch it off and eat it!
She'd be like "hey where did that marshmallow go?"

 She looks pretty innocent to me, how about you? 

 Mine, could have used a knife, scissors and some sandpaper. Kidding on the sandpaper ;)

Part of the group. Some more people came later!

Before we left we picked a date for Gingerbread Party 2013!
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