Sunday, December 2, 2012


Saturday it was raining off and on all day. Sometimes the wind would be blowing really good too. I REALLY wanted to go out and do my long run for the week (skipped the intervals, hate those things). I kept going over and looking out the back door.

Maybe I can go now? 
Oh now it's raining again.
Maybe I can go now?
Oh the wind kicked up again.

Finally it seemed to be pretty calm out so I threw on my running clothes and hit the pavement. This was to be a 60 minute run. I was really close to hitting the 10k mark (6.2 miles) on my last run with the walking that I decided I was just going to go for it. So when my 60 minutes of winding around my neighborhood was over and I only had .4 left to go I kept going. AND I DID IT!! I can now officially run a 10k (in my head haha).

I didn't know this about myself but I'm a total planner with this run stuff. I LIKE having a schedule to follow. This whole running the double had me a tiny bit freaked out. How can I run a 10k and a 5k if I haven't ever even ran that far?? So my goal now is to work up to that much mileage before the race. I'm going to call Saturday's my long runs. 

Another part of my wanting to finish that run yesterday is that I've been SO CLOSE to making my goal of being under 150 pounds. I've noticed that if I do a long run I drop a bit. 

This morning? 149.8!! Which means, that I, Mom Taxi Julie, am now officially NORMAL. (well weight wise anyways haha) on the BMI chart. I know a lot of people say that chart is stupid but I don't care. 

And just in case you are newer here and you think this has been easy, it's not! Here is where I started.

Today we are going to my sister in law's Gingerbread House Party, this is the 3rd year. Should be fun!

(just had a dingy moment trying to figure out why my hair was parted different. DUH mirror!)
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3 comments: said...

Congrats on being normal!!! You did it! ~ Jen J.

Eric W. Harper said...

Good job. What I am finding is people think I am all high and almighty because I lost weight and now I'm getting fit. I'm not doing it for anyone but Eric. Everyone else can keep eating crap and complaining about being fat, I could care less.

Love ya Jules. Thanks for helping me get started.

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Julie!! You rock!! You look wonderful! What apps are the bottom two? I recognize runkeeper above. :)

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