Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party 2012

Saturday night I had my 2nd "Annual" but probably last Ugly Sweater Party.

Why last? Because my friends are duds and get so hung up on the "I can't wear an ugly sweater" that they don't even come to the party. Seriously? WTH? It amazes me how uncomfortable people are with themselves that they can't just be silly and have fun. 

So next year I'll have a "Christmas Party" and no one will have an excuse of "I couldn't find a sweater". 

The people that DID come, mostly my family and a few awesome friends ROCK! 

I have to say my family is the best! My brother Joe played along and was rocking the turtleneck, vest, Christmas tie and side part. 

He is so much fun, makes me laugh all the time! Here he is giving some love to our brother Louie.

Thursday night I began my prep for Friday's Party. I have never been so unorganized for a party! I practically had to beg to get Friday off so I would have time to clean and get ready and I literally spent ALL DAY cleaning and had about an hour to decorate before it was time.  I hung these cool snowflakes I picked up at the dollar store from the ceiling. Sadly they don't photograph well! I might try a few more pics before I take them down. I was thinking they might be cool spray painted a glittery blue too.

Do you like my Ugly Sweater?  It's long and has shoulder pads (bonus points for shoulder pads!) Gotta love the thrift store. The key to finding a good Ugly Sweater at the thrift store is to look year round!

Scott wore his Grinch t shirt from last year but then covered it up with a sweatshirt. LAME.

My friend Allen cracks me up!

The only kids that came were mine (minus Jess who has finals this week :tear:) and my nieces and nephew.  They had fun playing in Trevor's room though. I cleaned his room before the party and can I just say BOYS ARE DISGUSTING. He is no longer allowed to have food and drink in his room.

Oh and when I picked him up from the bus stop 3 hours or so before the party I noticed he cut his own hair. AWESOME.


I bought Melissa a Christmas turtleneck. Yep. She's not wearing it. 

Isn't my niece Ava getting big? She is so freaking cute, love her boots. My sister in law is wearing a vest I picked up to add to my collection. Our friend and neighbor Craig came by too.

Mom came dressed in a cute gingerbread outfit. 

My friend Kristin and Melissa checking out the tree

My sister in law Maegen getting adorned by my snowflake hanging from the ceiling. 

And my friends Carolyn and Allen got the prizes because they are the only ones that put in some effort! 

The last of the people left around midnight so I'd say it was a good party!

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Sarah said...

Love it! That looks like fun! I wish it was closer and I would be there for sure. LOVE Allen's sweater. Did they make it or was it actually like that?? What is sad is that those sweaters were pretty popular years ago.

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