Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Shopping and Sushi

Friday I woke up super early and was ready for work by 5:45. CRAZY! It was too early to actually go into work (I think we can't be there until 6:30) so I paid some bills and balanced the checkbook. 

I went into work and ate my lunch at my desk and got off nice and early to start my 

One problem though, I had hardly any Christmas presents bought so that was the main focus of the day. I tried my hardest to avoid the mall and Wal Mart but I did end up going to both. You know you're not really in the spirit when you debate how much you want an item by how long the line is to purchase it. I'm done for the most part now. Just going to pick up a few gift cards and maybe a few stocking stuffers.

I was so tired after all that shopping. And HUNGRY. Why does shopping make me so hungry? Target doesn't help with their popcorn they make in the store. It NEVER tastes good though so I've learned not to buy it! Scott had picked up his sister from the train and delivered her to his mom's house We decided to meet up for some sushi. 

I'm so glad we decided to try Sushi and I got Scott to try it too. It makes a great substitute for Chinese Food for me, which I haven't had since Trevor's birthday in February. That was my last week of eating like a fat girl. I used to eat Chinese food AT LEAST once a week. I never thought I could live without it.

Every time we eat sushi we try something new. This time we tried the "Giant" which had a lot of different things in it (and of course can't find it online for the details). It was very good, just a bit hard to get it in your mouth when suck at chop sticks (but I am getting better!)

And one of our favorites, the Italian Roll

Scott refusing to smile for me 

After dinner we went home and then went down to our little bar for some drinks. Some guy asked me if I was Scott's Mom. Are you f'ing kidding me? Apparently that guy needs some glasses. I KNOW I don't look that old.What a dick!

Scott was ready to go one drink before me.

I needed one to recover from the "Mom" comment. 

So today I should wrap some presents and then I am going to go with my trainer to pick up my race bib for tomorrow's race. As usual it's supposed to RAIN tomorrow. F'me why do I do races in the winter? Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be clear for an hour or so.

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