Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day!

Well BEFORE the stomach flu hit our house (Jess & I are the last ones standing so far :knock on wood:) we had Christmas Day.

We went to my brother Joe's house this year because my mom is getting a room built on and they've had a few other bad things happen to their house in the last month (termites, ceilings falling in and leaks!).

My parents provided breakfast (no, I did NOT count calories that day!)

And then the little elves started handing out presents

 Look what Santa delivered to my brother Louie's house! They named her Lucy (just like my kitten, go figure). She slept almost the entire day. I'm pretty sure that meant they were going to be up all night.

And then, as usual we opened presents from youngest to oldest.

Ava was already too tired to open her presents by the time we got started. She was put down for a nap right after.

Adrian was so funny, she'd open a present, get all excited and then hurl it to the floor to open the next one.









Me (I'll just take the puppy!)


Mom (she really was happy?)

and Dad. 

Of course by the time we get to Dad all the little kids have scattered and opened all their toys to play with.

Then it was hanging out until dinner. Jess, Maegen and I played Rumicube until my Mom got back from her house and we got in trouble for not getting the potatoes started. Whoops!

It was fine though and we weren't too far behind schedule. Not like anyone was starving after snacking all day. 

Jess took a picture of us all at the table minus her of course. 

My step-dad's brother Bobby came and joined us for dinner too. 

After dinner there was dishes and then a bit of dessert. My brother Louie went home and then the rest of us played a couple games of spoons. It was a really long day. I think next year I'm going to suggest that we just meet more for dinner instead of the early morning. It's just too long for everyone with kids (and me!). It sucked to have to go to work the next day too!

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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! I miss having big family gatherings like that. My mom is one of 5, and also has 27 first cousins, so we always had huge Christmases. Now, it's typically just the husband and the kids since we don't live near family.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Omg..i want that puppy¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you had a nice Christmas Julie
happy new year.

Amanda Z said...

Rummikub is my favorite game ever! We always play that and I always lose to my MIL. grrr

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