Thursday, September 22, 2022


Morning! Oh man just looked at the time and it is already almost 11! Crazy. If I disappear tomorrow it's because I didn't put a credit card on some Google Workspace thing I keep getting emailed about. As far as I know I don't have anything that is Google Workspace and I can't even figure out where I would pay it on my Google account. I figure if it gets rid of me then I guess I'll go figure it out. I just have this and some Google sheets I use for keeping track of stuff. 

Yesterday Jess asked if Daniel could come over after work so I didn't go to the store. I have nothing. I need to go to the store but when I don't know. Maybe Trevor will go. 

I had Trevor vacuum for me so I just had to tidy up a bit. Trevor bought himself a new TV and he had it out in the living room last night. It is really nice. Might just buy one like that. 

While he was here  I started working on putting little tabs on my coasters and cozies and I just finished playing with the cozies lol.  I stayed up until after midnight putting the tabs on and organizing them a bit. I am going to have to use one whole rack for that and one for the coasters/cozy combos. Once those sell then I guess I'll use them for keychains. I can hang extra keychains from the tent for now. Or debating ordering a 3rd rack hmmm lol. Maybe I should see how it goes at the first show with them. I need to ask Scott to tighten the pole up for me, I did it as far as I can by myself and it's still a bit of a leaner. Or I can go find a wrench in the garage some where I suppose. It's a disaster out there. I finally ventured out there to wash some towels so I have that going. Time to go out and change it again.

Little Miss Tubz in my rocking chair my mom sent home with me the other day. 

Working from home today, off Friday for the dentist for Scott and then Cassi asked if I could take Monday or Tuesday off to go to a casino somewhere so I took Monday off and then Tuesday Telework (setting myself up haha). Although Trevor has been driving me nuts so I might have to get out before then. Darts tonight too. 

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