Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Good morning! It's a slightly humid morning here after a nice big rain yesterday! I have big puddles in my driveway again. I need to call and order some more gravel before it rains for weeks at a time. I ended up staying late at work yesterday working on those letters. I kept being "almost done" and next thing I knew it was an hour later haha. See I work hard when I have things to work on ;) So those are all on the boss' desk to be signed. She did sign some that I got done earlier in the day so those are scanned so I can upload a copy to their online file. Good busy work for later haha.

Scott went over to Jessica's to put a new belt on her dryer (thank God he knows how to fix shit, he needs to give classes for all the kids for some day when he can't) so I went over with my bag full of goodies I had bought for the kids. I got Jess some kitchen towels awhile back that had black cats, moons and starts on them, fuzzy slippers and headbands for Lilly and Buzz Lightyear & Woody PJ's for Daniel. 

Here he is holding still for 5 seconds. He loved the jammies

Lilly with her slippers and bow haha. The slippers are a hoot. They have some tiny ears on them but you can't really see them. She is so close to laughing out loud.

My rack that I ordered for my booth came yesterday. Trevor helped me put it together. It is going to work out great I think! It is easy to take it apart for traveling. I ordered a 2nd one already so I can put mug cozies and coasters on one and keychains on another. You can position the peg hooks at whatever level you want so for the longer stuff you could even leave some out/add them to the other rack etc. Now to put the little plastic hang tags on all the cup cozies and coasters. They are not going to fit in the shoe boxes the same after I do that so I might try doing a rubber band or something and then that will also make it so they don't take up so much room in the boxes. Always a work in progress on the booth set up! 

Simon is outside playing on her tie out. She loves to go outside. Hopefully she poops while she's out there, although she probably doesn't have any left after she crapped all over the house last night/this morning. 

My brother and sister in law are still working on getting the baby. They decided to name her Brooklyn (as of yesterday) so that is super cute. I think they are going to court today.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Being busy at work was always better than being slow. Day goes so much faster.
I think Scott should do this class. Remember when a kid offered Rick money to change a light bulb cuz he didn't know how? Table lamp to boot. Crazy.

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