Thursday, September 8, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! I made it into the office today. It is actually kind of cold in here but it is supposed to be 111 today. Eventually it will stop being so hot. I brought some short with me to change into after work so I can not sweat to death going to the grocery store.

Hung out with these cuties for a bit last night. Daniel's hair is just so fun lol

Lilly really likes watching the tv lol. She was all into Teenage Ninja Turtles. I'm sure all the bright lights and colors are what she's looking at.

I finished cutting up all those scraps yesterday. Got my keychain pieces matched up and ready to sew together. 

Went down to the bar and had some chicken strips for dinner then went and met with the gals for the membership committee. It is all people I know well so that is good! I mostly like them all too ;) They gave us a huge binder with info on the 4 people coming up for membership on Saturday. I have to be there at 8am and the first one comes in at 8:30. Hopefully it doesn't take all day. At least the AC was working good in the board room where we met/will meet. I looked through all the info on the people last night. They print off way too much junk. Big waste of paper. Also nothing is double sided. I wonder if they just don't know how to print it that way. 

We'll see how it goes!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I just saw that southern CA would feel the effects of a hurricane. Which I assume means you will all get some much needed rain. I just hope it cools things down for you guys. We are having a week of high 80s and after 90s and 100s it is glorious! I hope you get some relief soon. And damn your grandkids are cute!

Julie H said...

@Peg we are considered Northern CA but I say North/Central lol

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