Thursday, September 29, 2022


Good morning, happy Friday eve! 
I've been consumed by keychains. I got all these done yesterday. FINALLY done with all the Disney Fabrics woohoo

Onto Sports. Blah my least favorite. Not making all of what I have stashed up though.  These just need to be sewn around the edges and then they will be done woohoo. 

After Sunday I need to clean my sewing room it's a mess lol. The weather is looking pretty good, mid to high 80's lets just pray for no wind. 

October is busy we have 
October 2nd Lodi Street Faire
October 8th Daniel's birthday (and our friends Tiki Party that night)
October 18th is Scott's bday so we'll probably have dinner either that night or the weekend before or after with the kids
October 30th I'm doing a craft show in Fremont

Still waiting for that woman to tell me what's up with my job. Yesterday she messaged me when I was up getting something to eat so I didn't see it until an hour later when I got an email notification that someone had messaged me. Hopefully I get the 411 soon. 

Trevor is making us breakfast and it smells so good. 

I've been watching people's videos from Florida and the storm. So crazy how the whole Gulf of Mexico just disappeared. Weather is some crazy shit.

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