Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Good morning happy hump day!

Yesterday after work I finally went to Joanns to get interfacing and batting. I got 10 yards of interfacing and used almost all of it already. Here's my stack of keychains to work on with the interfacing attached. 

Got all the Disney ones ready to sew around the edges and then they will be done. Finally! Glad to be done with those fabrics (minus the extra Winnie the Pooh and Villain's bags I set aside).  The rest is sports keychains, most of which I had already partially made. I'm doing 10 Raiders, A's, 49ers and Giants, those are the big sellers and then a few misc that I had started or pulled out a bit of fabric. 

Man I walked outside 4 times this morning mostly for Simon and now I have a headache. It was like BOOM here I am. OMG just had to go outside again for this dog she had herself all wrapped up. That's enough outside time for her for a bit.

These 2 yesterday. They are so funny with this box, they like fight over it. Tina got up and Lucy jumped in and took a big nap. I think I need to put a little bit bigger one next to it since the other box is smaller and they can't spread out as much. 

These dogs are off the hook this morning sheesh. They're going to need a nap soon haha.

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