Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Good morning happy Tuesday! 
Yesterday was fun my friend Cassi and I went to the Sky River Casino. It was just down straight down the freeway and one turn off the exit so super easy to get to. Of course we mostly just left a donation but we did find a few machines that would play a bit. 

Afterwards we went to Bunco down at the club kitchen. We didn't win anything there either haha. 

So far today just doing work stuff. I have a You Tube training thing on 2x play speed since I don't actually do most of the stuff in the training but we still have to listen to it all. So dumb. 

Just ordered Lilly a Christmas stocking off eBay so she'll have one to match everyone else.  I'll just have to put her name on it. They are not cheap but I don't want to make one haha. 

Peg mentioned that I get a lot of time off for work. I don't really get that much time off I just take a day here and there (usually padding the Holiday weekends) instead of taking it all at once. I had a lot of time saved up from 2 years of working at home and not really being able to go anywhere. I have a lot of sick time on the books too since you can easily work at home if you are a little sick but not like I'm dying sick.  So Friday I took a sick day to take Scott to the dentist and then Monday was a vacation day.

Trevor's cream medicine he got for his spots seems to be helping already! TG hopefully it can clear up his forehead. Then I can push him more to go get a job ;)

Probably run to Joanns after work so I can get my keychains going. Might also just wait til tomorrow to do that and go after work since I'm going into the office tomorrow (as of now). We shall see. 

Cooking a chicken I took out awhile ago that I kept not cooking. Sounds good for lunch ;)


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