Friday, September 30, 2022


Good morning happy Fr-Yeah!

Yesterday I got my keychains finished up

and some cup cozies that were all ready to sew finished

Now I don't feel any rush to finish anything else before Sunday so I can just putter through some sports fabrics if I feel like sewing. 

I need to go through my boxes and get everything organized tomorrow. I will pack up Saturday night so Sunday I can leave before the sun comes up! 

Made it into work today but I am already caught up with everything on my desk. Apparently they aren't switching my boss/duties over until probably the beginning of November now. It is going to be such a cluster f&ck I can see it already.  

Going on my lunch to get change for Sunday, have to remember to do that!

Tonight I have darts so that should be fun. 
I've been watching that movie Blonde and sheesh how depressing. 


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