Monday, June 10, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!

Melissa & Eric came over yesterday so I got them and Trevor to put Rosie's present together YEAH!!

Even big kids like boxes lol

Melissa & I went and got some groceries. We were both hungry so we got lunch before and that dang lunch was still giving me indigestion when I went to bed last night. 

Scott BBQ's steaks so we had that for dinner too.

I worked on making more of my pinwheels. Had to go through and cut some more 3.5" squares. I have about 80 blocks done but that won't be enough to make anything of any size so this should help a bit! Now to iron them all flat. These are the 4 squares.

After the kids left Simon and I went for a walk. It was actually cool out so that was nice. 

Walked on the levee a bit so the crazy dog that's on this stretch wouldn't be able to get to us if it was out lol

The moon looked like the Dreamworks logo just needed the guy fishing.

There's an all day training thing today. TG I can just do it online but it's also not mandatory. Just listening to it mostly. I don't learn well with this kind of stuff I don't use every day. I'll forget how to do it once I actually need it. I guess I can iron while I listen/watch right? lol

Oh forgot to say Peg we are going to Seattle as the end goal but a road trip there and back :) Scott got tickets for the Mariner's game.


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