Sunday, June 30, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! It's the last day of being 100 for awhile! 
Hope the AC holds out haha.

Yesterday I worked on my little scrappy project.  I started sewing some blocks together but have one side to go to complete some. 

Simon and I went for a long walk trying to get my miles done for 30 miles in June.

2.74 to go tonight! We just might make it. I had to walk up and down the road in front of my house and around the little round about 3 times to get it to 5 miles lol. I was like we're so close! Longest walk since I started walking again.

Scott took himself off to the grocery store this morning since we're out of all the staples. I just drank a cup of black coffee. Not my favorite haha. Hopefully he wants to cook us breakfast when he gets back ;)

Next week is the 4th of July on Thursday and I took Friday off too since working after a holiday is dumb haha. Nice 5 day weekend coming up! 

No babysitting today (so far) since Jess is off today to recover from their camping trip. It sounds like they all had a great time. 

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