Saturday, June 8, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! I ended up babysitting the kids all night last night. We barely survived with Rosie falling off my bed on one side and me falling off the bed on the other side! I don't think I've ever fell off a bed before lol.

Poor Rosie has a bruise on her forehead and my elbow is bruised and scraped. I'm just glad I didn't break it since I landed on my arm when I fell.

I was looking at some sleep mat things to get for them for next time. I've got some in my Amazon cart so far.

I told Nate it's a good thing he's so cute waking me up all night.

Thankfully Scott took care of him after 5:30 this morning so I could go back to sleep for a bit. 

Simon helping Rosie eat last night. Daniel was here too but I didn't get any pictures of him.

I always lock my sewing room up when they are here and Tina is super happy to be back in here. It's her favorite room of the house.

Today's plan is to work on vacation plans a bit and the big play thing for Rosie. Trevor opened the box up yesterday and there is a huge bag of small pieces. Sigh. This thing better last forever haha.

Also still working on my pinwheel scraps. I was working on cutting them into the triangles when I had to stop to clean up for the kids coming.


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