Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Good morning happy hump day!

It's only supposed to be 93 today woohoo lol. I think it got up to 100 yesterday.

I procrastinated taking the rows off the quilt by cleaning up all the random fabric scraps off my desk. Tina helped.

and then I was like that box of 1" scraps is really full I should make a scrap roll with them.

Got done around midnight lol. Think I'll make this into 2 rolls so it fits in my box better. For when I feel like making something with it.

I did take a break to eat dinner. I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot. It was frozen when I put it in so I had to pick off the skin, bones and misc fat blobs. Ick. It tasted ok though. 

The kids came over to get the camping stuff but I apparently got rid of most of it and/or it's not all in the boxes. Whoops. They couldn't find the air mattresses either. I am going to go look out there. I couldn't last night since the kids were in the house with me.

Simon and I went for a walk and watched the sun set.

This lake is disgusting, looks like a swamp. Hopefully we get more water soon they are all really low.

4 more miles. 7 something to go to finish my 30 miles in June challenge. 

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