Monday, June 24, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! 

Yesterday I stayed out of my sewing room all day and man that was hard haha. I did get the kitchen all cleaned up and a bunch of misc things put away so that feels good. Every time I walk in there I feel like I'm washing dishes trying to keep it all clean. 

Daniel spotted the little box of Potato Head guys my friend gave us when he first came in. He played with them on and off the whole time he was here. They may have went in a swim in the dog water too.

This is him at the end of the night lol. No clothes, took my couch apart. Looks like a seal haha

He spent some time hanging out with Trevor in his room watching Dragon Ball too. That's a first. Nice to see them hanging out.

Little Nate is trying really hard to talk I think. Super cute! I got a few giggles!

He played in the bouncer a bit. I brought the little crib into the living room since my bedroom was so hot. He took a little nap in there. I need to get some boxes for the bassinet again. Time to put that away.

Rosie came with a full pony tail! So cute. Her hair is getting so long. She took a big nap while she was here. Probably stayed up all night for her mom. 

Chaos!! Probably time to go through and weed out some toys again.

All cleaned up!

It's another hot day today. Last day in the 100's until next week (if that 98 day doesn't get hotter)

The kids are going camping next weekend so no babysitting next Sunday.

Today's plan? I think I will clean up my sewing desk a bit and then work on sewing these squares together. Pretty sure I'm just going to make it bigger than just the top so it will drape over the sides of the bed too. Might as well since I have the squares made already.

Need to go for a walk tonight too. Only 6 days left to walk 11 miles!


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