Sunday, June 23, 2024


Hello happy hot Sunday! Almost 80 at 9am.

I finished sewing the borders on all my blocks last night. I was like I'm almost done just keeeppp goinggg. I have 2x this amount of blocks but I think I will make it so it can drape over the sides of the bed too. Shocker might keep this for myself haha. I debated on making it rag style but decided against it. I think I'll have someone quilt it up on a long arm for me after it's done. 

I used up all the 1.5" scraps I already had cut and had to pull out my "mini scraps" that I had on cards to cut some more. Cleaned out quite a bit of those too. This definitely was a great scrap buster for me!

Today the kids are coming over around 2:30. I've told myself no sewing today since my feet got so swollen from sitting there all day yesterday. The heat plus sewing just does my legs in. I should have put the compression socks on but waited too long. Also didn't go for a walk because it was so hot still at like 9pm and then it was dark (and I was on a roll). 

Scott is making breakfast and he actually washed some dishes. It's a miracle. 

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