Saturday, June 22, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! It's going to be a hot one today! 
Originally it said 106 so we'll see how hot it gets. 

I actually made it to the grocery store yesterday. Finally! $415 we have enough groceries for a few days ;)  Already thought of one thing I forgot.

I went to darts last night. I won one game and got a low ton. Our team lost 6 out of 7 games with our main guy gone on vacation. Hopefully he comes back next week!

After darts I grabbed Simon and we went for our walk. The moon was amazing. I wish my phone could capture it better.

I was so hot last night and Scott was watching TV forever with the freaking light in my face. I should go order myself a face mask while I'm thinking about it. I ended up getting up and shutting the door then of course Tina was like "I don't like the door shut". Scott opened the door and let her in. I woke up this morning to her licking my hand and staring at me. She's not usually a sleep with me cat lol.

Today's plan, not be a bitch. 

Might have already let that one fly a little when I told Scott I don't ever want to hear about him needing a big bed since he keeps sleeping on the couch. I think he's given up on the recliner so that can go out the door finally woot woot. He's probably going to wear out the couch quick now sleeping on it all the time. 

Only about 60 quilt squares left to put the borders on. Do I have too many? I did some math and I don't think so if I want to make the quilt for my bed. It's a lot of squares lol. I pulled out all the strips I had cut in my scrap box and it seemed like a lot but we'll see how far they take us!

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