Friday, June 14, 2024


Hello happy FriYEAH!

Missed a couple days of posting since I had to drive to Concord for work on Wednesday and I was pretty busy in the office on Thursday.

It was super hot Tuesday so Simon only got a little walk. She does this to me if I'm in the sewing room and she knows it's walking time. 


One of my neighbors had a little dog get loose that she was fostering. It's been running around the club for like a month and no one can catch it. I saw it again when we were walking. Hopefully they can catch him soon. Funny enough his name is Chase. 

Wednesday was Rosie's birthday. Her parents took her by herself to a buffet where she threw a tantrum so bad they just asked for a refund because they never got to get any food haha. She's a little spit ball for sure. I gave her the nick name Jack Jack when she was tiny ;)

Wednesday morning I set my alarm for early so I could get up and take a shower. I know it was earlier than Scott's because his didn't go off like it usually does. When my alarm goes off I hit snooze and he immediately got up and spent the next 1/2 an hour in the bathroom. Like COME ON DUDE!?!  He was like I get up at this time every day. Uh no you don't lol. Usually about 1/2 an hour later at least. 

The drive to Concord was actually pretty nice. My GPS took me the old way and there was hardly any traffic. It took me an hour and a half to get there. 

Who would have thought they'd come up with these lights to replace flag men/women for one lane roads while they do construction. Didn't even have a pilot car.

The day went like this, wait around for them to get going. Listen to the big wig go blah blah blah blah blah. Ask when the person that is supposed to interview me is actually going to do it (she was outside on the phone). Finally have my interview where she asked me about how much I like my job & boss. Like I'm pretty sure I've given all this info a few 100 times. Then another guy was supposed to interview me about some program stuff we have to do and like 3 minutes into it he gets a phone call, is totally distracted and just like ends the meeting. Like I drove 1 1/2 hours there just for this? So then I went and did a few things on my laptop until they decided they were ready for lunch. We went to a sandwich place and chit chatted (had to pay for my own lunch) and then we came back. We sat around the table and they talked about what everyone said when we were interviewed (after they had said they wouldn't tell anyone??) and then the big boss went blah blah blah blah blah and then we were done! I jumped in my car and headed home to try and beat the horrible traffic. I was lucky and didn't hit any on the way home. So that was my day. At least the ride was nice and I even saw a baby deer on the way home.

I got home and Trevor was sleeping and acting like he was in a coma when I was trying to ask him about the package that was delivered and open (AGAIN). I was so pissed off I decided to just go to bingo down at the club house. I found some people to sit with (won't sit by that guy again he was super annoying talking to his wife like she was stupid), ordered some chicken strips and fries for dinner from the bar and got a drink. I won one regular game and one special so $15 total (they are a lot cheaper than the other place lol). Other than it being hot and that guy kind of annoying it was better than sitting at home. And I almost broke even ;)

Definitely missed my old Bingo buddies. There was a whole new group at the table we all used to sit at. 

My pinwheel project looks abandoned. Just have to finish ironing the halves and then pin 2 together to sew, iron again and they will be done. Well the blocks will be done ;)

Yesterday I went to work in the office. 
I spent the day making packets & letters to mail out. Someone had brought these in and left them on the share table in the back. They weren't as good as the pop rocks ones my friend had when we went swimming.

Went to the chicken bowl place for lunch. Buddha was looking very decorated. 

I went to the grocery store after work and got the stuff to make for the birthday party. I got home and cracked this open and poured about half of it in my cup. Still  yummy. 

I made a meatloaf and put it in the oven and then went and laid on my bed while it cooked for an hour. I had this much of the meatloaf the the boys ate the rest of the 2 POUND meatloaf. Sheesh I can't believe how much they eat. I mostly made it to have a sandwich the next day but no sandwich for me.

This morning I got up and Trevor was cooking the bacon I bought yesterday to use for the lil smokies. GRRRRRRR. Jess is supposed to pick me up another pack.

Tina missed me not being in the sewing room for two days. Pet me mom pet me.

I ended up taking the sticker off the play thing I got for Rosie's birthday it wasn't sticking. Lame. Disappointed in that purchase for sure.  Trevor finally took it over to the kids house for me today.

Jess sent me this yesterday and said I got my monies worth for the Nemo jumper lol. Each kid in age order left to right.

Look at him! So cute.

I have a shit ton of work today. I've spent all day uploading stuff to our website thing. Uploadddingggg just kidding it didn't actually upload. Upppploooadddinggg maybe it worked nooooo.
 So annoying. I also have to update what I've done for the last quarter for another stupid review next Monday. What did you do for work? The same shit I always do. 

Guess I should get back to it ;)

Darts tonight!! We are going to have 2 subs so we'll see if we win or not!

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