Monday, June 3, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!

Yesterday's breakfast made by Scott. I started to eat it and then was like dang it! That's not low carb lol. Oh well logged it into Lose It and only ended up a little over at the end of the day.

The kids were fun all day except for the poop. I'll be glad when they are all potty trained. Daniel doesn't want anything to do with the bathroom :( Hopefully this summer he will get interested.

Little Mr Flirt. He was loving hanging out with his Grandpa. He makes a good couch lol

Rosie doesn't want anything to do with Grandpa, just me lol

This thing sure has got used a lot, between the kids and the cat 

The kids were here until about 5. Scott made us dinner. 

After dinner Simon and I attempted to do a couch to 5k day 1. Simon had no issues but I had to walk a little bit of the running parts for the last 4 or so. My calves just get so tight it hurts! I had this problem before when I was bigger. I think I need to ride a bike a bit that helped before. 

The wind must have blown the smoke another direction. It wasn't too smoky outside. You can kind of see some black on the hills. They are a lot farther than they look in the pictures. Probably like 10 miles or so (I think).

The couch to 5k stats

The whole run/walk stats

I did stop while a dog was coming at us but the neighbor of where it was at got it to go back in the yard. I think it probably would have been ok to be friendly but it was a bit bigger dog so wasn't sure at first. 

I got my first 1.76 done for my 30 miles in June for this fundraiser. I won't do another one of them for this thing though it's just about the money and I can't even figure out how to log the miles for them. I don't think they care lol. Just give us the money!

Tonight I have Bunco. I need to figure out what to take to that for food. Might ask my mom to pick something up.

Scott just left for his doctor's appointment. He is going to go to work after. Hopefully he gives him some other kind of blood pressure meds. The last one was going to kill him off.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

When I first got my dog it hurt my calves like hell to walk. Especially the front of my calves. The bone area. But in time it was okay. I needed that dog. She didn't know it but I knew she helped me. I would eat that dinner, except the rice. Grains and me don't do well so every once in awhile. Tonight is leftovers. I hate cooking. After a while I just wish a genie would show up and do all the work and cleaning up after he/she was done.Apparently that is too much to ask for Julie.

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