Friday, June 21, 2024


Good morning happy FriYeah!!
I took a shower this morning so that's off my list for today haha. 
I never went to the store yesterday so I HAVE to go today. Almost out of coffee creamer. I will be out after my next cup this morning haha.

What have I been doing? Working on these scrappy squares. I've almost used up all my 1.5" scrap rolls. I need to double check I don't have any stored in one other place but I'm pretty sure I've got them all. The only ones I haven't used are the more brown & red colors since I don't have those in this quilt.  Once I finish this one off I'll have to go into my box of recent scrap pieces. I might pull those out to mix in with these now anyways. 

Trevor made us some breakfast burritos for breakfast yesterday. We're out of eggs now so that's out for today. I went and got us Wendy's for lunch. $30 for 2 meals so crazy.  Cooked up a pack of chicken thighs for dinner. 

Simon ready for a walk at 7pm. I'm like gotta wait an hour so it's a bit cooler. It is supposed to be back up to 106 on Saturday.

The moon was so bright

and then the sky was all orange on the home stretch.

13 miles left to finish off my 30 mile goal for the month. 9 days left better walk a bit farther when I walk ;) Probably won't walk tonight since I have darts unless we get done early and I don't hang out. 

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