Saturday, June 1, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! 
It was so hot in my room last night. Snookie and I were sweating to death. Finally got up and got a wet towel, opened the windows (why didn't I do that earlier) and got her wet in the tub. Finally we slept a bit.

Not looking forward to the weather later in the week. Although we're supposed to go swimming at my friends on Wednesday so that will help!

Mostly worked on my quilt yesterday. I just need to sew around the edges and then start clipping. Anyone want to do the clipping for me? That's my least favorite part.

Hodge podge dinner. Someone has to go to the store today. Probably will be me blah. Out of eggs, milk and bread so that ruins most things haha.

Walk with Simon!

 I signed up to do a 30 mile walk challenge for the SF SPCA. It's mostly just a fund raiser and I had to tell it to stop messaging me because it's super annoying.  I can't see where you actually track the miles for them and I don't think they really care they are just for the donations so I will just track my own.

Also said I'd start using Lose it again on the first. Just weighed myself after I drank a cup of coffee. Can we say the coffee weighed 4 pounds? That's my first goal to get rid of those 4 pounds to be in the next bracket lol.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh hell yeah, coffee is at least 4-5lbs. :-)
We are out of everything but gin. So we may just drink tonights dinner.
Your weather is very close to ours. Only thing is we have god awful humidity that you don't have. Still 95-105 is still freakin' hot!
BTW, we had that light issue when Rick and I lived up north. I got a sleep mask in a gift basket from work. He tried it and loved it. Otherwise he would NEVER have got one or used one. Men are so silly.

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