Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pity Party For One!

Arg I just ate Costco pizza for dinner. Today is payday, the day after camping and we had no food in the house. Tomorrow I will go shopping for healthy food and get back on track! Sometimes I miss those days where you could write a check at the grocery store and have a 3-5 day window before it actually cleared your account! Creative accounting I think is what we called that ;)

After work today I spent a couple hours washing stuff from camping and putting it away. That's the not so fun part of camping. I need to go out and tackle mount washmore next!

And go to the gym. I really need to do that too. Or maybe go run. Or both.

I'm up about three pounds from camping. I packed mostly healthy food to eat while we were there but I also ate a shit ton of sunflower seeds, drank some diet soda I actually got the shakes from it, guess that's a sign it's not good for me??) and maybe a half a bottle or so of Vodka. It was over several days, don't worry! So hopefully most of that is fluid retention. I'm sure the pizza will totally help that out.

Does anyone else totally freak out when the scale is up? Last week I was super good and got my weight down quite a bit and now ZOOM right back up. Freaking depressing but I know I'm just doing it to myself.


Here's some bits of pieces of last week that I didn't get around to blogging.

Tuesday, girls night out with my friends Dee and Carolyn. We met at Red Robin where I had a bunless burger California Burger (should have said no mayo, didn't realize it was going to come with it). There was so much lettuce I didn't really want the salad. I think next time I'd just order it with no lettuce and eat it that way.

Afterwards we went and did a bit of shopping. Goofy glasses at Kohl's anyone?

Then we went and had some frozen yogurt. Just a little bit for me.

Wednesday, first thing when I walk in to work. Confronted with my #2 food issue lately.

Chips and salsa. Oh how I love them. I think I might have to put them on my list with Chinese food. Sigh. And yes, I did eat some.

Thursday we had a baby shower at work. With Cake!

Ate some. 
Where oh where has my will power gone?

Friday I had more cake at lunch.

Looking back at my week I can watch my downward spiral. 

That's it ::::claps hands::::
Must be good now. No more slipping up!!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I so get this post...unfortunately.

Chris H said...

I only get on the scales ONCE A MONTH, that way I don't freak out! I am sure you will lose the weight you put on easily Chick.

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