Thursday, July 25, 2013

We Can't Stop Because It Hurts So Good

I just got done paying bills. It's almost midnight. It's been a busy day. Work, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking a nice dinner, out for a run and paying bills and balancing the "check book". That saying is going to start dating us. Who uses a check book anymore? The only time I write checks is to the kid's school for stuff.

Anyhow, the weirdest thing keeps happening lately. I pay my bills and I have money left over. What?? It's so weird. (Jessica if you are reading that I'm just kidding I don't have any extra money) I'm not going to even attempt to get used to it because I know it's not going to last. Something is going to die (well really I should go buy a new washer, it's pretty scary sounding). It's like I'm walking around on egg shells just waiting for what's going to hit us. It's coming, I know it.

So tonight for dinner I made these stuffed shells (picture from her website)

But of course mine look nothing like that. Mine look more like a blob with pasta sauce on them. They were really good though. Even though I figured them out to be about 140 calories a shell. OUCH. I ate 4 and a big salad. I'm still full hours later so I guess it "stuck".

Like I said before I went for a run. Scott went too and Trevor rode his bike. We made the dog stay home, he wasn't too happy about that.  Trevor ditched us about half way to go home. I felt like I was really running fast. I had my audio cues turned off (forgot to turn them back on after my bike ride)  and didn't look at my Runkeeper until I was finished. Which was just a bit before I really wanted to end but I had a side cramp so I decided to just walk the rest of the way home.

When I looked at my time I was surprised it wasn't a bit faster. At least it was pretty consistent right?

Tonight I added a couple songs to my iTunes and actually just listened to my own music instead of Pandora. I forgot I had added this song. Nothing like belting out "HURTS SO GOOD!" while you are running. 

This video is hilarious. 

Was he supposed to look sexy in those chaps? And that drummer. Woo yeah.

The girls outfits are almost as bad as Miley's.

I'm admitting I like that song. Call me crazy but I like her look too. The video is a bit out there though. Hmm I'm seeing a bit of Madonna in there. And a big f'you to everyone that told her what she had to do for all the years leading up to her being an "adult" and making her own decisions.

Well that's probably enough random for one night and I should probably go to bed!Pin It

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Your running times are good, consistent too.
Miley... I like the song, but hate the video. She seems to be right off the rails right now.

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