Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meal Planning & Shepherd's Pie for Dinner

Today I was browsing around Pinterest trying to make up a menu for the week. I came across a blog I used to read called Can You Stay For Dinner. She has a lot of nice recipes. But what got my attention today was that she is helping her mom lose weight by doing meal planning by calories. Her mom is following a 1400 calorie diet and she posts a weeks worth of meals with pictures. It's really nice! It got me to thinking that I should go back to planning a lot more. Allow myself so many calories per meal and snack and plan them out for the day ahead of time. It's a lot easier to stay on task if you do that.

After work I went to the grocery store along with everyone else and their brother. WHY are there so many people at the grocery store at 3:00? Don't they have jobs? Something? Usually when I go to the store at that time there aren't very many people but the last couple times it's been miserable. I might have to switch up my stores again. I'd rather pay a little more than wade through 100's of people that stand in front of everything I want to look at.

At least this time I had a good shopping list for my meals I have planned out.

Tonight for dinner I made a Skinnytaste recipe (SURPRISE! I always end up with her recipes when I'm meal planning!) I made the Shepherd's Pie Lightened Up. But I used ground turkey instead of ground beef and I didn't have Worcestershire sauce like I thought I did.

Just a few ingredients

I cooked it all up and then I was going to transfer it over to a glass pan when I thought, well I can just cook it in the skillet! So I did.

This recipe says it serves 6. The portions are really big.  This is a 1/8th piece.

Last time I made this I used ground beef and honestly I could not tell the difference. Could be that I'm just getting really used to using ground turkey now though! It's just so much cheaper than ground beef here. 

After dinner we went to the gym. I did about 1/2 an hour of weight lifting and about 15 minutes of ab work. Then I said I'm tired and we went home. 

Time to hit the hay!

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honkeie said...

Cooking for one is a really tough. I am currently in the world of eating for one, and the funny thing is I really dont eat as much as I did when I was back home. I ration my food and drink mostly water. And when I do cook I have soo many leftovers, luckily I bought tupperware lol

Chris H said...

We don't have ground turkey here.
It sounds nice.
Your pie looks really nice... you put heaps more veges than me.

I don't count calories. I just watch portions.
It seems to be working for me.

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