Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Appliances R Us

I'm sooo hungry! Wait no I'm not. Noo yes I am!! I should just go to bed. Finish this bottle of water..

Tonight Scott and I went to frozen yogurt after the gym. I think they cancel each other out right?

So remember when I said my TV was dead then I was all like "just kidding!"? Well it really is dead now. I came home and the house was all quiet and I was like are you guys really just not watching TV or is it dead?

Yep, it's dead. I told Scott it was dead so when he got home he did the same thing I did and then was like "yep it's dead". This TV is huge, like two feet deep. You know, those pre-flat screen ones. I think it weighs like 200 pounds.

Scott hefted it out of the house to the appliance graveyard we have going in the back.

washing machine CHECK

So now we are watching this little thing that was in Trevor's room. One of my co-workers has a flat screen that she's not using that she's going to sell to me cheap so that will be nice!

I don't think I updated on the washing machine situation. So the washer is dead (also) and I saw on the little bulletin board out where I live that someone had a washer for sale. I called the woman up and went over to check it out. Originally she was asking $100 for it and I didn't even try to bargain with her and she offered it to me for $25! Score! I figure if it works for a few months and then dies it's not that big of a deal for $25 right?

Scott went over after work to pick it up and we brought it home. Now we still cannot use it because the water pipe we have hooked up to it is clogged or something and I'm really running out of clothes to wear.

I might actually have to iron something tomorrow.

Meanwhile mount washmore is taking over my room....

In other news Scott and I started training for the Big Sur Half Marathon that is in November yesterday. He wants to do this plan that is on Runkeeper. It's longer than the last one I did but I guess it will work. Hopefully we won't get too burnt out!

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