Sunday, November 19, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday from Baby Tubz. I started this post yesterday and never finished it. 

I stole this Strawberry Shortcake back from my mom's house. I didn't even know she still had it lol. 

The kids came over yesterday while they tires for their Dad's car. He fancy tires/wheels so it's quite a feat to get that done. They were here a bit longer than anyone expected. The little bouncer got a work out lol.

Daniel is obsessed with my sewing room. I have to lock the door to keep him out. I forgot to lock it so he got in then lost his shit when he got kicked out so I let him in for a little bit. Eventually had to drag him out again lol. I need to remember to lock the door before they get here today. 

Rosie made it quite awhile before she got fussy and I gave in to Miss Rachel lol. 

Miss Rachel and noodles

After they left Scott got back from visiting his mom with the bad news that they are sending her back to the house on hospice. Apparently someone is going to deliver a hospital bed. No one knows who is actually going to take care of her but she's coming home. GREAT. So next week should be nice and stressful. I have a feeling I'll be working from there. I'm wondering if she will come back a bit after she's home and has some food to eat. They still did not want him to leave her teeth. Like how you going to get stronger if you don't eat?  Apparently she never got out of bed after her hip surgery so that is why she can't go to rehab. Sounds like she's mostly checked out. We shall see. Scott can't really miss work too much since he's the only one that does his job. As he says if he doesn't work he won't have a job to go back to. 

Trevor smashed his toe at work last night so his toe nail is all black and his toe is all red. He's doing some self surgery to himself. I'm like maybe you should just go to the ER... ugh.

Scott went to a football game with our friend Allen today. I hope he has fun. Poor guy is so stressed out. 

Today's plan is babysitting later but I think I will do some laundry and wash my bedding. Everything smells like dog. Simon is shedding a lot too so there is dog hair all over by blankets. 

I feel like I haven't sewn in forever. My sewing room looks like a bomb went off. I need to clean it up!

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