Monday, November 20, 2023


FML guess where I'm at. 

Yesterday Scott went to the football game with his buddy and while he was there he gets a call that his mom is coming home RIGHT NOW. He's like uh well I'm not there. Is brother like got mad that he wasn't there. WTF. When he got back to town he went straight to his mom's and his brother didn't leave any instructions and took off. I was babysitting the kids but got their dad to come pick them up a little early so I could go help out a bit. 

There are all these meds on the table. Howard had said she doesn't need any of these until tomorrow. Uh are you sure about that? I had to Google them all to figure out what they were. We ended up giving her the morphine and I went to Wal Mart to get liquid Tylenol since we didn't thinks he'd swallow the pills. We got about 15 ml in here between Scott squirting it on her head & pillow and her not liking it lol. I guess she finally calmed down after I left at 11. I think I slept for two hours maybe. Wide awake from 3am on. I came back at 6 so he could go to work. Like did Howard think he was just going to take off work or leave her home alone? WTF. If he shows up I'm going to be like oh glad you are here for your shift. Hopefully someone from hospice comes today too. I already gave her some of the morphine because I can't take the owww owww oww she does.  Going to have to attempt some tylenol too if she keeps it up. I don't think she's checking out anytime soon so yeah for us :(

I was trying to unplug this switch adapter thing then replug in the lamp to the other one but whoops. That's not going to happen now. 

Back to cute fun stuff from yesterday.

She was touching Snookie, so cute with her little belly out


That's better

When I was leaving last night. Ended up going back in and putting PB in a bone for her and putting her in her crate. I was like she's for sure going to eat the couch if I leave her out lol. Trevor was out too so I she was going to be unattended!

Snookie this morning! I think everyone is going to sleep in this thing but a baby lol

Well guess I'll set up my work laptop now. Still coughing too. Ugh. Probably have to take myself to urgent care if it doesn't go away in a day or two.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Your MIL needs 24 hr care. Why isn't she in a home? How can howard just leave? Would his mother have done that to him? OMG this is so awful Julie. So many concerns. This is my fear - living too long.

Anonymous said...

They won’t take her in a home for less than $500 a day! So crazy.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

$500 a day? Yikes!! Cheaper to hire a nurse. My God how do people afford that?

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