Sunday, November 12, 2023


Hello happy Sunday! Semi coughing slightly snotty Sunday. Ugh. 
I took some Nyquil at like 2am so I had a hangover from that for awhile. I think that's mostly gone now. I did sleep good after I took it though.

Yesterday I finished up these coin bags. Just need to get some batting and some black zippers to finish up the rest of the little pile. 

Our little man got all his curls buzzed off yesterday :( They did it at home because they didn't think he'd sit at a hair cutting salon. Jess said they had to take some breaks. 

He looks so much older now. 

baby curls!

They are still supposed to come over today. I need to run the vacuum in a bit. The house is pretty clean from my cleaning sprees all week lol. When I got up this morning 2 cabinet doors were wide open. Welcome home Scott! So weird lol. Definitely need more groceries with him being home. He was foraging for breakfast stuff but there isn't any lol.

He went to see his mom yesterday. She's not eating much so probably what's going to get her in the end. Picky woman. Hopefully they give her some milk and ice cream. I swear she lives on that. They are definitely going to send her to rehab after the hospital so that is fantastic. We'll see if she makes it through it all. She sure is one tough cookie.

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