Friday, November 24, 2023


Hello happy Black Friday. Me and like 3 other people are working today lol I had one email that got sent to me after I got off the computer on Wednesday that I did and now it's crickets. 

Wednesday was pretty horrible here with mother in law. She was in agonizing pain and it was just horrible to hear. I kept giving her meds every 2 hours and eventually she calmed down and seemed to check out.  She was pretty much checked out until Thursday night when I came over after Thanksgiving she actually responded to me and I got her to eat a pudding cup. Then she checked out again. 

I think the girls are coming to see her today. The nurse is coming in a little bit too. They sure don't come as often as I thought they would. You'd think they'd have someone come by every day to check on everything.

So Thanksgiving! I cooked the turkey, sweet potato pie, bacon wrapped little smokies and the stuffing of course. Melissa came over and did the deviled eggs and salami with cream cheese and peppers. I cut the turkey all up and put it in the crock pot and that worked out great. Still have to wash all my cooking dishes that I left lol. I figured they'd be there later. 

A surprise double yolker

Scott's brother had come over to his mom's house and offered to sit with his mom for a bit so Scott could come eat with us so that was very nice. 

Little buddy left his clothes on the whole time it's a miracle haha

Spinning with auntie Melissa

have to get the Jess & Daniel from her, took a picture of them on her phone. We took a couple group pictures too. 

These were huge plates. Did not eat it all lol

Little man was running around and wanted me to go with him in the kitchen. I gave him some marshmallows and he fed me some and him some more haha. 

Dessert buffet lol

My cousin posted this on FB yesterday. So funny since when Scott and I talk a lot of people think we're arguing and I'm like we're just having fun.

Well sounds like a hospice nurse is coming in a bit and then a chaplain lady called and I said might as well come since she's religious in her head even though she never really went to church. 

Moving a long at a slow pace but moving along. Oh and hi Rachael thanks for commenting. She's not going anywhere at this point. I don't suspect she'll be here much longer. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You are so busy all the time. I live that life - don't you just wish you could sit and do nothing for a bit? I know I do.
Glad you had a nice thxgiving. It is funny about the nurses not coming more often. It sucks to get old. I don't want to end my life like that. But then neither did you MIL.

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