Monday, November 27, 2023


Good morning happy (or not) Monday from my mother in laws. Scott is off to work and I'm waiting for a work email of work to do. I had ZERO emails for work on Friday. We'll see how long it takes to get people going today.

Yesterday I puttered around all morning and then did some cleaning. The kids came over around 2:30 and stayed til 5 when their dad came and picked them up. Rosie with her Miss Rachel. She got overstimulated eventually and I took it away. She also played for awhile before she got to watch it so she wasn't looking at it the whole time lol. Daniel was running around playing. He is into throwing things, sometimes at your head when you aren't looking. I got a dinosaur to mine at one point. Dang kids!

Snookie catching some rays

I was sitting in the recliner and she fit just perfect next to me. She's such the lap dog.

Tina napping on the pile of abandoned laundry. Probably will have to rewash all that stuff since they have been laying on it. 

After the kids left I went and got Chinese food and brought it to have dinner with Scott. Poor guy is probably super glad to go to work today so he can get out of this house. He only left to take care of Trevor's truck since Thursday night. That's a long time.  His mom responded to me again and I swear she tried to say I love you back to me a couple times. This morning when I came in she woke up for me too. When she hears my voice she makes a little sound. Breaking my heart a little more each time. I'm too much of an empath for this job. I could definitely never be a nurse. 

Anyhow (cry cry) I stayed til a bit after 8 then went home and went to bed. I was awake forever. How can you be so tired and not fall asleep? Then I was awake at like 2 for an hour or so. So doing good this morning. I locked all the doors and put the top lock on too here so it takes Mr Asshole longer to get in. Just to be a dick and I have more notice of him coming in. Thinking about recording on my phone while he is here just in case he decides to verbally assault me again. Since he only does it when no one else is around. Not that Scott doesn't believe me. 

Tomorrow Scott will have to watch his mom so I can help with watching the kids while Jessica goes to her specialist appointment. I'm supposed to have darts tomorrow too so that will  work out. He really should be here anyways. 

Jess and I were talking about the full moon last night and I was looking up if more people pass on a full moon. I found this and thought it was nice. 

 Today is day 5 of no water and day 4 of no food. How long can a body last?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh boy you guys have been through the wringer with your MIL and that damn son of hers. I hope Scott says something to him. What a shit he is to you. Like you said, You are not the enemy. He's not too good in a crisis that's for certain. I hope you get some relief soon. Tell her it's okay to move on. After each of my siblings did this to our dad and told him we loved him and thanked him but it was his time to move on and see his favorite brother, he left his body. Sometimes that helps. That is what hospice told us and that is what we did. Thankfully our hospice for Dad was magnificent compared to what you are dealing with. I'm so sorry Julie.

Julie H said...

I've been telling her lol. It's ok to go! We love you!

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