Thursday, November 2, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

Yesterday I actually worked all day and still have a shit ton of work to do. After work I finished up my 1" Christmas scrap clean up.

I actually cooked dinner (fajita chicken wings). I was going through my unfinished project box looking to see if I had any Giants or Cowboy keychains started (nope) and ended up pulling out all the cup cozies that were left that I had cut out. Except for the coffee theme ones. I think I will sew those into cozies for my "next" project. 

I cut the cozy shaped fabrics into pieces to to turn into little zip bags. I worked on some purple ones but didn't get a lot done. I'm supposed to be working on Giants bags and keychains lol. I got those cut out of the fabric but that's it. Might have to refocus! I wanted those made up for my show this Saturday.

I woke up this morning to seeing this on FB. My good friend Traci. Sigh. WTF life really sucks sometimes.


So I've been crying on and off all morning. BTW still have something irritating the inside of my eye lid which crying totally helps.

I have darts tonight. Just remembered I have to pick up the neighbor too since she's subbing for us and asked for a ride last week.

Well guess I should get back to work!


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