Monday, November 6, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! It looks like it sprinkled a bit last night. Everything is a little bit wet. 

We survived another night of babysitting! They were super tired for the last hour because of the time change. They were great for the rest of the time. 

After Trevor went to work and got off the couch Daniel de constructed it lol. He loves taking the cushions off. The dog has already ate the arm of it 3 times and the cats have scratched it a ton so I don't think it will hurt it ;)

My floofies.

Before they got here I went through all my keychains and cut up the ones I've had forever or have way too many of and don't sell. 

Just a few! Now I can reuse these for something else. They are pretty much all scraps to make with just some interfacing so it's not a big loss to toss the ones that don't sell. I'd rather reuse the hardware and sell one for $5 then give them away. 

Today's plan!

Bunco tonight and we are out of cat food so I have to go to the store. Probably run on my lunch and do that so my fat cats don't fade away haha. 

So far this morning work is slow so hopefully it stays that way.  Got the trash out to the curb (I'll be glad when Scott is back home for that task lol). I put the carved pumpkins in there so those will be gone. 

The cardboard boxes I rednecked had thrown out the back door to deal with later got drizzled on so they were easy to break down to put in the recycle can.

Scott actually mowed most of the yard (although he didn't use that $200 weed whacker he just had to have) so at least the area where Simon plays looks nice. We played fetch for awhile this morning.

I applied for another craft show for December so we'll see if I get in for it. It's just for like 4 hours I think but that is long enough! We'll see if I get in. 

Well that's all I've got for this morning! Have a good day!


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