Thursday, November 30, 2023


Good morning happy whatever day it is. Thursday? I was going to work today but I kind of feel crappy. I woke up while Scott was getting ready for work. I temporarily forgot how much he talks to himself. He makes coffee and takes the dogs out though so I might keep him. I fell back asleep after he left into a super deep sleep and woke up around 8:30. Guess I'll take another day off of work. 

Yesterday Scott went to the funeral home with his brother. He had me drop him off at his moms since he had 3 vehicles there at one point and needs to bring them home. He brought the truck home later. Down to motorcycle. Wonder where that's going to go. 

Anyhow, he wanted me to come in and show him which blue dress it was his mom wanted. She had told use that she wanted to be buried in this blue dress for years. I went in and pulled it out for him. Then I was like I'm taking this plant home ok? My goal when I first started going over there 2 years ago was to not kill this plant lol. Some how it is still alive. One time when I went over there the whole thing was laying flat. It has like 6 plants in it and desperately needs to be repotted. I actually bought this plant like 20 years ago so I'm just taking it back. But it's little side kick buddy had to come too. 

After that I dropped him off I went to Joann's and bought some batting, interfacing and white thread. I made it out with just that. Amazing!

Scott came home later and they decided on a viewing on Friday 12/8 (Scott's dad's birthday) from 2-4 and then graveside services on Saturday 12/9 at 10am.  I had my one and only craft show scheduled for the 9th so that is out the window. 

I was cleaning my sewing desk area up looking for a keychain I had set aside for my friend but heck if I can find it. I think Tina must have taken it hostage. 

Since I don't have any more craft shows lined up I decided I should work on a quilt for the new baby. 
I decided to just do a string quilt since I love making them and they are relaxing. I'm doing blue, yellow/orange, and green.

I pulled out my scrap rolls I've made and have been picking out the colors I want out of them to start. I think I will have to cut some green strips but that's ok. Use it up!

 I started by making 10 blocks of blue and yellow at 9:45pm last night lol. Now I'm going to make some blue and green ones. 

I made stew for dinner this picture is horrible. The stew was good though. I'm going to have to go to the store today there is almost nothing left in the fridge. 

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