Saturday, November 11, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! 
My mother in law made it through surgery and last night according to the nurse she was resting comfortably. Scott was talking to his brother on the phone last night and I heard him say they could send her home in a day or two. Uh NO. Nononononono. She needs to go to some kind of rehab place. Already told Scott he needs to put his foot down about this.

It was nice having him home last night even though he snores and talks to himself in a loud whisper when he gets up at 6am. 😀 He made coffee and took the dogs out too so that was great.

I mostly worked on cleaning up my scraps yesterday. A few little rolls since I had a lot of different color combos going on that don't all go together. I can always cut out the parts I want/don't want later when I go to use them. I think I'll have to make some more little quilts with them soon to use them up. Or tote bags too I guess. Maybe I'll make some drawstring bags with them there is a website that does a drawstring bag sew along. I've made her little ones before. I need to get started on a quilt for the new baby. I was thinking of just doing all blues or maybe blues and greens with my string blocks. Or maybe I should do something else. I haven't decided yet lol.

I found enough batting hanging around for this stack of coin purses.

Ran out for these. Definitely have to hit Joanns soon. 

Tina reporting for duty this morning. She gets so excited when I come into my room in the morning. It is where she mostly hangs out.

I got a sub for darts last night so I wouldn't get anyone sick. My throat is less scratchy this morning but I'm a bit more stuffed up/runny nose (weird how you can have both at the same time). Hopefully it doesn't get any worse. Don't want to be coughing at my in person work meetings next week. Although I wouldn't mind calling out sick to miss them all together.


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